Pimp My Post

The EzCam Post was designed to help you make taking photographs and videos simple and fun. In many instances, like us, you may not have someone to operate the camera for you, so you will turn to a mount. In most cases tripods are too bulky, cumbersome, and unstable. The EzCam Post solves all of those problems, plus it gives you the added protection of securing your camera and keeping it from falling over.

During the course of developing and prototyping we used a lot of other products in conjunction with the EzCam Post. This page highlights some of our favourites and acts as guide to help you find them.

The GoPro

We're sure that by now everyone knows about the GoPro, but we had to mention it as we use a lot of different cameras, but it is our favourite camera to pair with the EzCam Post. The GoPro is easily the leader in the "Action Cam" segment of Cameras.

 To mount a GoPro to the EzCam Post, you will need a Tripod Mount, just like you would for any tripod or monopod. The good news is, it's dirt cheap.

The Glif

The Glif is a cool little product from Neat Studios that attaches to almost any smartphone and even bulky smartphone cases, allowing you to mount smartphones to the EzCam Post the same way it would to any tripod or monopod, via the 1/4"-20 thread.  There are lots of products on the market that are designed specifically for different smartphone models, which is what makes The Glif so great, it's universal. Simple design and very affordable, it's a must have.


Fluid Video Heads

If you plan on taking video and want the ability to change the camera angle on the fly, you should consider purchasing a Fluid Video Head. It does exactly what you think it might, tilts and pans in a fluid manner, allowing you to capture smooth flowing shots while following the action.  We have experimented with a pile of different ones and give top marks to Manfrotto and Velbon. Prices vary from inexpensive to the professional level. B&H photo has one the best selections online.

Ball Heads

Compact and simple, ball heads are an option if you just want to set a specific camera angle and leave it static. Some tripods and monopods come with simple ones, so you may even have one kicking around somewhere. Easily the cheapest accessory available to be able to change your shooting angle. The one from Square Jellyfish below is dirt cheap.



Tilt and Pan Heads

Commonly associated with tripods, they incorporate levels to help you get that prefect angle for the prefect shot. Traditionally many tripods came with one of these so you may also have one of these kicking around if you have an old tripod. 

Manfrotto Super Clamp 

The Super Clamp grabs onto the EzCam Post perfectly at any desired height. We have used it to run a stereo recording device from Yamaha. It is pictured here without the brass "stud", but we recommend you get the brass stud that fits in the slot. It would also be ideal for attaching lights or even a second camera! 




Admittedly we haven't tried this one yet, but it looks amazing. This is a must have for anyone who wants to film themselves doing anything active. The videos on their site look stunning. There has been a few other products on the market the last few years attempting the same concept but this one looks like it the mark perfectly. 



RAM Mounting Systems

RAM has been making quality products for years. Lot's of innovative stuff. In particular they make quite a bit of stuff with a 1/4"-20 thread which is perfect for paring with the EzCam Post. Get a 1" Ball with a female thread, one of their various arms and a GoPro adapter. Voila, you have created a whole new monster camera system with a massive range of adjustability. We have been using their products for years, in particular for mounting fish finders/GPS systems.